Lake Water Quality Management Areas

In its 2005 revised management plan, the District declared its intention to prepare vegetation management plans for several lakes. This was the result of growing problems associated with the treatment of flowering rush, both in terms of treatment measures and administrative mechanisms. After the Plan was adopted, flowering rush problems worsened, and problems with other aquatic invasive species emerged.

In 2008, the Managers started the process of preparing a plan for seven lakes which by then had been infested with flowering rush and other invasive species. As the process proceeded, it became clear that some aspects of the management of invasive species transcended the seven lakes, potentially extending to all lakes in the District.

Soon after the completion of that Plan, the District was petitioned by the City of Detroit Lakes for a District-wide project to address Aquatic Invasive Species. The proposed project known as the “Pelican River Watershed District Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Control Project, Project LMP-1”

Project Plan/Engineer's Report LMP-01
Aquatic Plant Management Plan 

Lake Water Quality Management Areas

  • Floyd/Campbell
  • Detroit/Rice
  • Brandy
  • Long
  • Munson/Fox
  • Pearl/Loon
  • Sallie/Melissa
  • Small Lakes

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Recent Water Levels
Detroit 1334.03 ft
Last Updated: 11/1/2017
Floyd(s) 1354.10 ft
Last Updated: 11/1/2017

Melissa 1327.86 ft
Last Updated: 11/1/2017
Sallie 1328.94 ft
Last Updated: 11/1/2017

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