Small Site Stormwater Management Design Guidance

Stormwater managment permits are required for site that exceed 25% impervious surface lot coverage (>10,000 square feet, see Large Site Guidance), for impervious surfaces that are within the Shore Impact Zone, and for projects that require stormwater mitigation as required by the City of Detroit Lakes or Becker County Zoning Ordinances.

Stormwater is required to be controlled by a stormwater managment plan for all new and/or reconstructed impervious surfaces on the lot once the above thresholds have been met.  The stormwater plan will be sized so that it provides a volume of stormwater storage equal to a 1.1" rainfall over the impervious surfaces that drain to the proposed facility (i.e. raingarden, infilration basin, french drain, etc.)  Below is a sample calculation for the construction of a new 20ft x30ft structure.

20x30 = 600 square feet x 1.1"/12"(1.1" rain event) = 55 Cubic feet of storage required.

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