Subdivisions, Plats, and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)

Subdivisions, plats, new developments and planned unit developments are subject to permitting by Pelican River Watershed District.

All preliminary subdivisions, plats, developments based upon certified survey maps, and planned unit developments must be submitted to the District office for review and approval. The District will review the effect the proposed development will have on the change in the rate or quality of surface water runoff which would result from the proposed development.

Each of said plats will receive final approval by the District before filing the plat for record. Final approval of the plat by the District shall be indicated by the signature of the Secretary of the Board of Managers or their Designee.

Permit applications must include:

  • Grading & Sediment Erosion Control Plan
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Preliminary Plat or certificate of survey granting such easements over all hydrological features such as floodplain, wetlands, ditches, ponds, swales. 


Highways, Roads, Parking Lots, and Public Accesses

Pelican River Watershed District also takes a vested interest in the increase, repair or maintenance of infrastructure in our jurisdiction. Permits aren't just limited to the SIZ or Shoreland District.

Plans and specifications will be reviewed by the District as to the effect of the construction upon the waters of the District and the adequacy of the erosion and sediment control during and after construction.

Permit Applications must include:


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