How to apply for a PRWD permit

Small Site Permit Application Process

Step One:  Download and complete a permit application.  Permit application must be signed by the property owner or the Authorized Agent along with the Authorized Agent form.

PRWD Permit Application Form

Authorized Agent Form

Step 2: Create a site plan map. An acceptable site plan must include: identification of all existing features (with dimensions) including buildings, dock access, boathouses, patios, sandblankets, rip-rap, trees, vegetation, steps, paths, etc. within the project area  Applicants must also identify all new features with dimensions, and mark the location and dimensions of all site erosion control measures (silt fence, rock access, temporary seeding, etc).  If a stormwater management plan is needed,  dimensions and calculations for the features must also be submitted.

Permit Site Plan Template

Step 3:  Submit your permit application, site plan, permit application fees (fee schedules is below) along with any additional information that is outlined on the permit application checklist (below)

Permit Fee Schedule

Shore Impact Zone Alteration Checklist

Small Site Stormwater Management Checklist


Large Site Permit Application Process

For Large Site Stormwater Management Permits must be completed by a licensed engineer or landscape architect.  The below documents will provide guidance for the proper design requirements.

Best Practices for the Design of Stormwater Management Systems

Minnesota Stormwater Manual



Sureties and Bonds


A permit surety may be required of the permit holder or applicant. A surety is a monetary sum (an amount set by the Board of Managers, District staff and/or the District engineer after review of the project application or approved permit) provided by the applicant/permittee to the District to ensure the project is completed as designed and in compliance with District Rules. The District returns the money to the applicant/permittee after all permit conditions are met and the project is complete. If the District requires a surety, the applicant/permittee must provide the District the surety amount in the form of a check made out to the Pelican River Watershed District, or a Performance Bond, or  Letter of Credit.  Form templates can downloaded from below links.

Performance Bond

Escrow Agreement

Letter of Credit

District Policy for Management of Permit Bonds, Letters of Credit, Cash Escrows, and Abandoned Property

Request of Surety Return Form


Additional Permits

Some projects may require additional permits.  Be sure to check with other agencies for their permit requirements before you begin.

Becker County Planning and Zoning
Otter Tail County Planning and Zoning
City of Detroit Lakes
MN DNR - Ecological and Water Resources
MN Pollution Control Agency

And as always, contact Gopher State One Call before you dig! or 1 (800) 252-1166

If you have any additional questions please Contact Us

Send all permit documentations or questions to:

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