Public Hearing Date for 2016 Preliminary Budget and Levies - Sept. 8, 2015 at 6:15

The PRWD board of managers has set the Public Hearing to be followed by the September Regular Manager monthly meeting for Tuesday, September 8th at 6:15 p.m. at the District Office located in the Wells Fargo Bank Building, 211 Holmes St. West, Detroit Lakes, MN in the second floor conference room.


8/28/15 - The flowering rush treatments for 2015 have all been completed - There will be more core samples taken this fall and evaluated by Mississippi State University.


2015  Flowering Rush Treatment Areas  8/10/15 - 2nd Treatment

Good news!!!!   This year PRWD is starting the transition to operational/management treatments.  The plots that have less than 5% flowering rush biomass will not be treated in 2015. Plots that have 6% to 20% flowering rush biomass will receive one treatment at the beginning of August.  Plots with greater than 20% flowering rush biomass will receive two treatments - early July and early August.  We are still conducting research.  Each plot is sampled for biomass three times - early June, mid July, and late August.  By sampling the biomass, we will be able to document treatment effectiveness and longevity.  This information  will be used to guide us in determining how often treatments will be required to maintain a low flowering rush population.


Curfman Lake              Detroit Lake               Lake Sallie             Lake Melissa


2015 MN DNR Permits                   2015 Pre-Treatment Summary, Mississippi State University

Aquatic Weed Pick Up

Pelican River Watershed District will begin the aquatic weed pick up program following Memorial Day week-end.  Please remember that this is for aquatic vegetation only.  We will not pick up garbage, garden waste, branches and leaves.  DO NOT place your aquatic vegetation on the road.  DO place it on the edge of your lawn or your driveway.

Blue-green algae in Douglas County

A bloom of blue-green algae has been found in Red Rock Lake in Douglas county after recent heavy rainfall. 

Star Tribune article

MPCA Blue-green algae fact sheet

Blue-green Algae FAQ's

2014 Flowering Rush Report

Mississippi State's Geosystems Research Institute has released the report for the 2014 Flowering Rush study.  The study was a collaborative effort between the Dr. Gray Turnage, Dr. John Madsen, and the Pelican River Watershed District staff. The report is available to download.

2014 Flowering Rush Research Report.

Shoreline Planting of Hwy 10 Overlook Complete

Most of the shoreline planting on the Hwy 10 Overlook was completed the week of May 25 under the direction of Marsha Watland of Becker SWCD.  Assisting her were staff from Conservation Corps, City of Detroit Lakes, and Becker Soil and Water.  

On Friday, June 5, another 300 native plants were put in by Becker Soil and Water and Pelican River Watershed staff.


Water Management Plan Update

The Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers is seeking your input to help us with updating the District’s Water Management Plan. The District is involved with environmental education, water quality (monitoring, storm water, shoreline restoration), aquatic invasive species management, etc. All work that watershed districts do during the plan period is controlled by the updated plan. Minnesota Watershed Districts are required to update their Water Management Plan every 10 years.

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MN DNR Trailer Decal Program Postponed

MN DNR has postponed the AIS training and trailer decal program

MN DNR confirms zebra mussels in Lake Melissa in Becker County.

MN DNR confirms zebra mussels in Lake Melissa in Becker County.

Water Management Plan Update

The Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers is seeking your input to help us with…

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